Steps to take before onboarding session

To get off to the best start possible, we recommend that you create an account and create an overview of your average order costs.

Our customer success team is eager to help you get well settled in 

If you haven't booked an onboarding session yet, you can do so right here: Book onboarding session

In preparation for the onboarding session, please take the following few steps.

1. account 

Create a account here

2. Get an overview of your variable order costs

At a minimum, we need the following: 

- VAT of the specific country per website (%)
- Average mark-up (not margin) on products (%)
- Average cost of shipping per order
- Average payment fee per order (%)
- Average extra costs per order (cost of packaging, labels, etc.)
You can find more information on the variable order costs in this guide 

3. Login and admin rights for the e-commerce platform and relevant marketing platforms.

During the onboarding session, we will set up connections to the e-commerce platform and marketing channels. 

To enable our functionalities on these platforms, you'll need to have admin rights.


Please contact customer success at in case you have further questions.