How to Connect Google Ads and Conversion Booster in ProfitMetrics for Shopify stores

Follow these steps to configure Google Ads and Conversion Booster for ProfitMetrics in Shopify

In this article:

  1. Start Connection
  2. Set up Conversion Booster
  3. Add to Shopify Settings

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Step 1: Start Connection

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click "Integrations"

  3. Click Connections
  4. Click Google Ads.
  5. Click "Connect to Google Ads"
  6. Select the account used for your Google Ads and click Continue
  7. Click the "Select all" checkbox to allow all permissions, then click Continue
  8. Click "Next step"
  9. Click "Connect" beside the required Google Ads account.
    NOTE: If you are using MCC level tracking and connecting an MCC account, make sure to select MCC and all related sub-accounts
  10. Click "Next step"
  11. Click "Finish setup".

NOTE: If you have multiple sites for different countries that share the same Ads account, it may be necessary to filter by adgroup or campaign name.

Step 2: Set up Conversion Booster

  1. Click "Start setup"
  2. Click "Connect" on the correct Ads account
    1. NOTE: If you are using MCC level tracking, select ONLY the MCC account here
  3. Click "Next step"
  4.  Click "I have read and understood the message" then "Next step"
  5. Click "Yes" to create conversion actions for Revenue
  6. Click "Create new" even if you already have an existing action tracking Revenue.
  7. Click "Next step"
  8. Enter your estimated average order profit margin
  9. Click "Yes" to enable Google Ads Enhanced conversions
  10. Turnover/Revenue in Google Ads is inclusive of VAT is set to 'Yes' automatically. Please change this to "No" if that is not accurate for your account.
  11. Click ‘Click here’ to open Google Ads
  12. NOTE: If Customer Acquisition is enabled, set the value to 0.01.
    This customer acquisition feature is used to increase the reported value of conversion for first-time buyers artificially. The intent is to prioritize customer acquisition and maximize lifetime value. This is useful in some cases, but for Profit will erode the accuracy of any Profit bidding.
  13. Click “PM Gross Profit - Browser
  14. Click the ‘Enhanced conversions’ bar
  15. Click ‘conversion settings’
  16. Click the checkbox to enable Enhanced Conversions.
  17. Click to Agree with the data terms (required)
  18. Click "Select an option"
  19. Click "Google Ads API"
  20. Click Save.
  21. Click "Summary"
  22. Click "PM Revenue - Browser"
  23. Verify that Enhanced conversions are enabled and "Managed through API."
  24. Click "Back".
  25. Click the Checkbox to confirm Enhanced Conversions are enabled.
  26. Click "Next step"
  27. Click "Copy snippet"

Step 3: Add to Shopify Settings

  1. Open Shopify Admin and click "Settings"
  2. Click "Checkout"
    Step-by-step guide to connecting Google Ads and managing taxes on a store - Step 40
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of 'Additional scripts' and paste the new Snippet in below everything else
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Click the checkbox to verify that the script has been inserted.
  6. Click "Finish setup"