How to configure Conversion Booster for Google Ads

Follow the steps below to set up and activate the Conversion Booster for Google Ads


  1. Go to Integrations > Connections > Conversion Booster
  2. Follow the setup wizard (5 min setup time)
    1. NOTE: If you use MCC level tracking, only select the MCC level account for the Conversion Booster. In the previous step where Google Ads was connected, make sure you connected MCC account AND each related sub-account.
  3. Once the setup wizard is completed, the Conversion Booster has been connected and will begin enriching Google Ads with profit data and revenue data (optional).

What you'll see in Google Ads

1. Go to Google Ads and select Tool and Settings > Conversions

2. If you have set up the Conversion Booster for profit and revenue conversion, you'll now see the following conversion actions in Google Ads. If you de-selected revenue conversion, you'll only see the two "PM Gross Profit" conversion actions

Skærmbillede 2022-09-10 kl. 11.59.11

3. The new conversion actions consist of two sets of complimenting conversion actions i.e two for gross profit and two for revenue. 

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The sum of PM Gross Profit - Browser and PM Gross Profit - Conversion Booster is the total attributed conversions. 

The same order cannot be present in both conversion actions.

How does it work?

1. Our script tracks data on the e-commerce confirmation page and sends it to PM Gross Profit - Browser. Normally, most conversions will be attributed to this conversion action. 

2. Our software then checks with Google Ads to see if it has received all the orders that ProfitMetrics has collected from the e-commerce platform. When an order including the necessary Google Ads tracking is found missing in Google Ads, we'll send it to PM Gross Profit - Conversion Booster.

How to get the most out of the new Conversion Actions

By activating all the best practice tracking tools from Google Ads and closing the gap from inefficient client-side tracking, the Conversion Booster will provide your Google Ads account with the best data quantity and quality. 


To activate the data, we recommend: 

1. First create custom columns to monitor the performance of your campaigns with the new data.

See how to create custom columns in Google Ads here

When tracking both gross profit and revenue with the Conversion Booster for Google Ads, we recommend setting up custom columns for both sets. The conversion booster tracks 17% more conversion on average compared to standard Google Ads tracking. If you compare the Conversion Booster tracking of gross profit to the existing standard Google Ads tracking or revenue, it is likely to be misleading.

2. Once the Conversion Booster reaches 200-500 attributed conversions, you can make the switch to POAS bidding and activate the data for Smart Bidding and Performance Max campaigns. 

See how to switch to POAS bidding here


When using the Conversion Booster, remember to activate both conversion actions of the set (gross profit or revenue) you choose, by setting them both as primary.


Technical Requirements

Once the Conversion Booster for Google Ads has been set up, the following conditions are necessary for it to work. 


1. Google Gtag must be installed on all web pages including the order confirmation page.

Visit Google's instruction page for further information

In Shopify, the order confirmation page has its own script base i.e. the Gtag must be inserted both on the theme level and on the order confirmation page


2. The new conversion actions "PM Revenue - Browser" and "PM Gross Profit - Browser" must have the setting "Enhanced Conversions via API" activated. This is part of the setup process but relies on a manual effort, so we always recommend double-checking. 


3.  The conversion actions in Google Ads that we enrich, must never be renamed or removed. If this happens, we will not be able to enrich the conversion action with data. 

The standard naming conventions are: 

PM Gross Profit - Conversion Booster
PM Revenue - Conversion Booster
PM Gross Profit - Browser
PM Revenue - Browser


4. The Google Ads account must have the Customer Data Terms must be accepted. 

To check this go to Tools and Settings > Conversions > Settings > Customer data terms.

Skærmbillede 2022-09-20 kl. 14.16.52



Below are the most common issues we see with the Conversion Booster. 


Question: The conversion value exceeds what is realistic for the number of conversions attributed.

Solution 1: The Customer Acquisition value is active and adds a specified value to our data, thus increasing the overall attributed conversion value.

See Google's own guide here

Solution 2: The custom columns used to monitor ProfitMetrics conversion data in the account have not been specified to include the correct conversion actions. 

See our guide on custom columns here


Question: The conversion value of the "Conversion Booster" conversion action is larger than the "Browser" conversion action of the same set i.e. "PM revenue" or "PM Gross Profit".

Solution 1: If the number of conversions in the "browser" conversion action is few or none, it is most likely the Gtag missing from the website or inserted incorrectly. Check step 1 in the technical requirements.  

Solution 2: It is expected that client-side (browser) tracking will fail more or less - we've seen cases with more than 50% fail-rate on the client-side tracking. In the Conversion Booster setup, the "conversion booster" conversion action adds those missing from the client-side tracking. In other words, it might be a symptom of something blocking the client-side tracking from working properly.