Average order costs

Applied for profit calculation in cases where no specific costs are not available.

1. Default Markup


The default mark is a "backup" input, as it is only applied in profit calculations where a product is missing the cost price in the product data


The default markup is the average amount added to the cost price to get the retail price.

If your custom price is 100 and your retail price is 150, your default markup is 50% or 1.5.

NB! The default markup is not the same as the average product margin. The numbers are often confused, so be careful to enter the default markup.

Cost for Delivery


The cost of delivery is the average shipping cost per order. 

For the profit calculation, we need the full shipping expense i.e. what you pay the shipping provider. 

The shipping income i.e. what is paid to you by the customer, is included in the order revenue and thereby balanced in the profit calculation.


Payment Processing Fee


The payment processing fee is the average payment fee per order.


Extra cost per order


This input allows you to include other variable costs related to an order. 

The number must be an average per order. 

By extra costs, we refer to variable order costs.

These are primarily: 

- Packaging

- Labels

- Brochures