Manual Product cost (COGS) import

How to enter product costs data directly in

Se setting for these modules. But you can still upload them with a CSV file. This is also the default way to get cost prices into Profitmetrics for all other platforms. You can also manually add them for each product under the “Product” section. 

If you have the product uploaded to Profitmetrics. 

You can choose to export the format for the CSV file here.


Then add the Cost prices and import it right back to the system. 


We just need SKU and cost prices for each product in the same currency as your store. Very important the currency is the same as the store default currency. 

The format look like this: 

File must contain columns "sku" and "price_buy", encoding UTF-8 with comma(,) as delimeter, doublequote(") as quotation sign and backslash(\) as escape sign

Whenever you login to Profimetrics we will show you if there is products that is missing cost prices. In the case we use the Default markup until they get added for the product. 


You can also export the product with missing cost prices from this section.


You can also edit "Cost price" directly in the products section, by clicking on the "cost price field"