How to install the ProfitMetrics App in Shopify

Follow the steps below to install the ProfitMetrics App in Shopify

 3. Click Business Account. (Separate instructions for Agencies)
 4. Select 'Shopify' from drop-down menu
 5. Click "Open Shopify App Store"
 6. Click Install
 7. Click Install
 8. Click 'Company email'
 9. Enter your email address and password. This needs to be a business address, not a free one (like gmail).
 10. Click 'Sign up'
 11. Enter your First name and Company name
 12. Click to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

<optional> Click to Get product updates and profit optimization guides

 13. Click "Complete signup"
14. Click "Start setup"
 15. Enter your Shop name and URL, then click 'Next Step'
16. Click "Start Free Trial"
 17. Click "Approve" to confirm acceptance of the subscription
18. Click "Copy snippet"

 19. Click "Click here to open your settings page in a new tab"
20. Click the "Additional scripts" field.
 21. Paste the snippet into the Additional scripts field then click Save
 22. Click the checkbox to acknowledge the script has been inserted, click Next step.
 23. Click "Add this information later" then click Next step three times
33. Click "Finish setup"


How to add additional Shopify websites to Profit Metrics

 Shopify script for Settings > Checkout > Additional Scripts:

<!-- Start ProfitMetrics - Checkout - (v1) -->
{% if first_time_accessed %}
window.shopifyCheckoutId = {{ }};

var customerOrderCount = 0;
{% for order in order.customer.orders %}
   customerOrderCount += 1;
{% endfor %}
var new_customer_data = false;
if (customerOrderCount <= 1 ) {
   new_customer_data = true;

window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
   'event': 'shopifyCheckoutId',
   'shopifyCheckoutId': '{{ }}',
   'new_customer': new_customer_data
{% endif %}
<!-- End ProfitMetrics - Checkout - (v1) -->


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NOTE: If Shopify Extensibility is enabled, these Additional scripts will not work. Please share your Shopify collaborator code with so we can create a custom Shopify Pixel for your account.