How To Configure Shipping Costs

Follow this guide to configure shipping costs for your shop in ProfitMetrics

Set up Fallback Shipping cost

This fallback shipping cost will be used when none of the rules configured in Shipping Rules are triggered. This should typically be set to an average, or to the most common shipping rate if most shipments cost the same amount.

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click "Expenses"
  3. Click "Fallback Costs

  4. Click the "Shipping Costs" field
  5. Add your average shipping cost OR if you have a specific shipping rate that you pay for most shipments, you could add the most common shipping rate here. 

    Note that this field is only used as a Fallback when your product feed doesn't have specific costs for each product. 

  6. Click "Save"

Set up Shipping Rules

These rules are built on a "contains" basis, so as long as the shipping name we receive contains the name we configure here, it will match.  Rules will then be applied from the top of the list down, so we recommend being as specific as possible at the top and more general at the bottom of the list.

  1. Click "OK"

  2. Click "Shipping Costs"
  3. Click "Download shipping methods"

  4. Open the CSV file that button downloads to view a list of all current shipping methods received from your orders. 

  5. Click the first 'Name' text field to start creating shipping rates. These will match on a CONTAINS basis from top to bottom. 

    This means that you want to make this list go from most specific down to least specific (for example DHL home delivery, DHL pickup, DHL) 

  6. This uses a 'CONTAINS' match, so you don't need to copy-paste every single line item that may be included in the CSV you downloaded. 

    For instance, your shipping method name might be generated based on a pickup address, and there could be dozens of potential addresses. In that case, use the name of the pickup service and leave out the specific location details.

  7. Click "Add row" to add as many rows as necessary based on the number of shipping methods you use. 

  8. NOTE: You can add each shipping method multiple times. This will allow you to set different costs for each shipping method based on:
    1. minimum and maximum weight ranges
    2. minimum and maximum revenue/cart values
    3. destination country
  9. Add specific costs for each line item. (conditions can be set now or later)

  10. Optional: You can specify which country this Shipping method name/price should be used for.
    NOTE: this might be a full country name OR a country code. You can look at more information for any order you have already received to see the variable type your shop sends us.

  11. If you are adding conditions, consider leaving a final line item for each shipping name with no conditions; it can then act as a 'catch-all' so you can set a generic cost for that shipping method in case none of the conditions you set are triggered.

  12. Click "Save changes" when all details are entered