Shopify - How to add additional websites to your ProfitMetrics account

It is not currently possible to have both Shopify and non-Shopify sites connected to the same account. These instructions are for adding a second Shopify site to an existing account with a Shopify site


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How to add additional sites to a non-Shopify account

1. Open your Shopify admin in a new tab, click the name of your shop at the top right

2. Click the next Shop you need to add

3. Go to Profit Metrics tab and click 'Websites'

4. Click "Add website"

5. Click "Open Shopify App Store"

6. Click your account icon at the top right

7. Click "Switch stores"

8. Select the shop you need to add to ProfitMetrics

9. Click "Install"

10. Click "Install"

11. Click "Start setup"
12. Enter the Shop name and Shop URL, select the correct currency

13. Click "Next step"

14. Click "Start Free Trial"

15. Click "Approve"

16. Click the checkbox to confirm the script is inserted

17. Click "Copy snippet"

18. Click "Click here to open your settings page in a new tab"

19. Click the "Additional scripts" field.

20. Paste the script into field and click "Save"

21. Click "Next step"

22. Select 'Add this information later' and Next three times

23. Click "Next step"

24. Type your average/default Markup on products

25. Type your local VAT rate

26. Enter the % you pay to process credit card transactions

27. Type the most common OR average cost to ship a product

28. Enter the total amount of your material costs and/or additional per/order fees

29. Click "Next step"

30. Click "Add this information later"

  1. Click "Finish setup"


How to Install Profit Metrics app in Shopify

Shopify Script:
<!-- Start ProfitMetrics -->
window.shopifyCheckoutId = {{ }};
<!-- End ProfitMetrics -->

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